Sunday, October 14, 2012

49. The Constitution is Our Protector

49.  The Constitution is Our Protector


In 1776 the American colonies made a list of complaints about their king not respecting their laws; not allowing them to have a say in their own governance; making them pay too much in taxes; creating bureaucracies that harassed and burdened them;  exposing them to “dangers of invasion”; and “fundamentally altering” their forms of government.  This document was the Declaration of Independence.  These men risked their lives and fortunes to fight for the opportunity to start a new country; one whose own citizens could determine how they would be treated, protected and governed.  They researched centuries of literature and governments “in Order to form a more perfect Union”, establish a system of justice, provide for the protection of the country and its citizens, allow for personal freedom and individual rights.  This research resulted in the Constitution of the United States. Three branches of government (Legislative, Judicial and Executive) were established in order to provide “Checks and Balances”, so that no one entity could gain too much control. 


Let’s see how that’s going…

*We now have elected representatives that spend their entire careers as politicians.  You get “access” to your representatives by making donations to their re-election campaigns.  They use legislation to buy votes.  This was never intended by our founders.  Elected officials were meant to serve for a time then go back to private life, allowing others to then serve:  hence “Government by the people”. 

*Congress and the President pass laws that violate the Consititution that they have sworn to uphold.

*Our President will not enforce our country’s legal borders as required by our Constitution.

*We have government agencies that are not part of the legislative branch of government, but they are making “laws” that affect we the citizens on a daily basis; rules that “harass and burden”. 

*We have a President who is using Executive Orders to bypass Congress and the Legislative process outlined in our Constitution.


The Constitution is our Protector.  It was established to protect “we the people” from a government gone awry.   The Declaration of Independence asserts that it is the duty of the citizens to get rid of a government that no longer provides for their protection.  That time has come.  Barack Obama and his Progressive Democrats must go.

(Note: This commentary is by Dr. Jill Vecchio.)

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