Tuesday, September 18, 2012

2. Who are the uninsured?

So who are the uninsured? What got all this started? According to government figures, before
Obamacare was passed, there were about 47 Million people that did not have health insurance.
That doesn’t mean that these folks couldn’t get healthcare. The supporters of this law tell us
that millions of patients are left on the steps of emergency rooms to die because they don’t have
insurance. THAT IS A LIE! Doctors and hospitals give billions of dollars of care to patients every
year that they don’t get paid for. I care for patients every week that don’t have insurance.

According to the government, of the 47 Million uninsured, about 25 million are people who
either make enough money to afford some basic health insurance and choose not to get it or
they have access to health insurance from their employer or through government programs
and they CHOOSE not to participate. That leaves 22 million people who don’t have access to
affordable insurance. Now…according to the Congressional Budget Office, even if everything in
the Obamacare healthcare law worked according to plan—and when does that ever happen with
the government—there would still be 22 million people who wouldn’t have health insurance!
That’s partly because of the millions of illegal aliens we have in this country, but also because of
certain “waivers” or exclusions in who is required to get health insurance.

Now, of the newly insured under Obamacare, 47% will NOT get private insurance—they will be in
a government-run program like Medicaid or SCHIP—which will be paid for by we the taxpayers.
The Congressional Budget Office has revised its estimates of the costs of Obamacare several times.
It is now up to $2.6 trillion. That’s ON TOP OF the 22 new taxes in the law, all of which will cost
us as taxpayers and consumers. Still think this is a great deal?? So much for free healthcare!

And we still haven’t figured out how much we’ll be paying for the 159 new government
bureaucracies that will be set up through this law. Oh wait… you didn’t know about that? Yep,
Obamacare sets up 159 new agencies, grant programs, commissions, panels, boards….159 new
government bureaucracies. And the CBO hasn’t even calculated the costs of setting up and
running these new entities. So that $2.6 trillion will be much, much higher very soon. This deal
just keeps getting better.

So, so far we’re spending at least 2.6 trillion dollars for something that’s supposed to DECREASE
our healthcare costs. Is there honestly someone out there who thinks this makes sense??

(Note: This commentary is by Dr. Jill Vecchio.)

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