Tuesday, September 18, 2012

30. Privatize, privatize, privatize

So this week we’ve talked about all of the new taxes that Obamacare imposes
that will affect all Americans. These new taxes will be used to pay for new
mountains of bureaucracy that will make the VA system look like a well-oiled
machine. We’ve also talked about the risks of increasing dependence on
government in our lives. I have a better idea:

First, let’s let private insurers compete for Medicare patients like Vice-
presidential candidate Congressman Paul Ryan and Democrat Senator Ron Wyden
are proposing. We discussed this plan last week.

Now, let’s give a set amount of money directly to the states for Medicaid and
let them figure out what will work best in their particular state, based on their
resources and population. Some states have already proposed using health
savings accounts with high deductible private insurance for their Medicaid
patients, allowing them to control their healthcare dollars. Indiana uses HSAs for
their government employees and it’s saved them millions of dollars.

Then, let’s let Americans save more of their own money, tax free, for their
healthcare expenses. Come to think of it, how about letting them save more for
retirement, so we don’t have to depend on a failing Social Security system. How
about giving businesses the freedom to help their employees save more for their
healthcare and retirement. Then, we can afford to have a true safety net for
those that truly need it.

Now, let’s shut down the VA hospitals and send our brave veterans to private
hospitals, where they will get the VIP treatment they deserve.

Imagine how much money that will save the American taxpayers—hundreds of
billions of dollars every year that’s now spent on ever-increasing government
bureaucracies, staffed by unionized government workers with lucrative pensions
that we cannot afford. Combine these savings with those of Health savings
accounts, tax breaks for medical expenses, posting prices for health services
and increasing flexibility in choosing insurance plans—now we’re talkin real
cost savings for the entire country and everyone in it. Now we’re talking about
patients really getting access to affordable, quality healthcare.

(Note: This commentary is by Dr. Jill Vecchio.)

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