Tuesday, October 29, 2013

51. Review of Obamacare

So now we know that under Obamacare everyone will NOT have health insurance, in fact, even more folks may be left without insurance.  Healthcare costs will NOT be lower; they will actually be higher.  We will ALL be paying more taxes, many of which will fall on the low and middle classes.  Employers will face new taxes and regulations, and their healthcare costs will be much higher.  This will cost thousands, if not millions of jobs.  Doctors and other healthcare providers will face higher costs due to skyrocketing regulations, and doctors will either sell their practices to hospital groups, or they will close their doors entirely.  Patients will have fewer choices and less control over their own health and lives due to rationing of care and government control over their healthcare decisions.  Insurance premiums will go up and access to quality healthcare will go down.  Medicare patients will have a harder time finding a provider to take care of them, and they will lose the option of Medicare Advantage.  The number of Medicaid patients will skyrocket and they will have very long wait times to see a physician.  The cost of medical devices and pharmaceuticals will increase, and the costs of many other goods will increase as well due to new taxes on these businesses.


The Obama administration is violating our Freedom of Religion by requiring everyone to pay for abortion and contraception coverage.  This is NOT about freedom of choice—this is about our Constitutional freedoms being ignored by a Progressive Movement that believes that they should have the authority to change our Constitution as they see fit—“a living Constitution” they call it.


And now, If the government wants us to buy something, the Supreme Court has  declared that they can force us to buy it just by taxing us until we comply.  Justice Roberts and the liberal court justices decided this was OK.  Another example of their idea of a “living Constitution”.


We are at a precipice, my fellow Americans.  Either we stop the Progressives in the Democrat Party now, or we free-fall into socialism.  It has been 100 years in the making, and it will not stop with Obamacare—but that IS, I believe, the point of no return. Remember, when the government controls your healthcare, it controls YOU.


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