Tuesday, October 29, 2013

53. Our Last Chance

The Progressive movement has been working diligently and in stealth for over 100 years in this country to turn America away from its Constitution, and toward a socialist “New World Order”.  Think about it:  The United Nations—a group of countries that mostly hate us, meeting in a building that we pay for, preventing us from protecting ourselves from our enemies;  trying to take over our Bill of Rights and our sovereignty as a nation through Agenda 21.  And Barack Obama and the Progressive Movement love it.


Our schools, through liberal government agencies and union influence, are indoctrinating our children by teaching “social justice” rather than true American History; “fairness” rather than founding Constitutional principles and property rights. Our medical students are taught to make healthcare decisions based on “the good of society as a whole” rather than on the good of the individual patient. Our President takes pride in “the life of Julia”—a fictitious, but only too real, woman who lives by the grace of government handouts thru every stage of her dependent life.  We’ve watched the staged “Occupy Movement”, wherein Americans who work hard to achieve success through great ideas and capitalism, who provide millions of jobs for other Americans, are vilified as greedy and evil. Our children are taught that anything “green” is good—except money. That something given by the government is better than something earned by the individual.  And guess what—they are believing it. 


Over the years, Americans have been talked into letting the government plan for their retirement through Social Security and Medicare.  And now that these programs are failing, senior citizens are frightened about their futures. If there are problems, we don’t look to ourselves to solve them, we look to government.  We have a capital full of politicians that are swollen with power, no longer servants of the people.   Make no mistake folks—we have allowed all of this to happen.  And only WE have the power to make it stop.   But we may only have one more chance.  If Barack Obama is re-elected, we may never be able to control our  government--ever again.


The generation of Americans that lived through the Great Depression and 2 World Wars has been called “The Greatest Generation”.  I agreed with that label…until now.  I believe that THIS generation of adults has the potential to stop the Progressive Democrat Movement and save the very essence of what America stands for.  If we can do that, starting with this election, WE will, in my opinion, be… “The Greatest Generation”.

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