Tuesday, October 29, 2013

52. Review of Real Reform Ideas

Obamacare needs to be completely repealed.  Period.  Just because someone likes the idea of a 26 year old kid being included on the parents’ healthcare plan—at the cost of other Americans by the way—is NOT justification for imposing the rest of this heinous law on the entire country.  Get rid of it—ALL of it.  Start over.


First, respect the 10th Amendment and let states decide what reforms will work best for them.  It is silly to think that a bunch of bureaucrats at the federal level can come up with a plan that will work for everyone.  Any government program works best for the people when it is closest to those people, as local as possible.  Next, get government out of the way and let the market system operate through competition and consumer choice.  Put decisions back in the hands of the patients and their doctors. 


Post prices for healthcare services so patients can compare and choose for themselves what they will and won’t have.  Allow patients to save money tax free for medical expenses and encourage employers to help them, like with a 401k.  Separate insurance plans from the workplace so patients can keep their plans when they change employers or quit working.  This will alleviate most of the problems with pre-existing conditions. If patients have continuous insurance and only change carriers, they shouldn’t be penalized for pre-existing conditions.


Eliminate state health insurance mandates and let patients choose what coverages they want to pay for.  Change the organization of risk pools, so people can share risk with larger groups, maybe even nationally.  Keep premium costs low for young, healthy people so they will be able to afford the premiums. 


Get the government out of the health insurance business by privatizing Medicare, Medicaid and the Veterans Administration healthcare systems.  Get rid of all of the ridiculous unnecessary government regulations and coding requirements that only serve to increase healthcare costs for everyone.  Some regulation is needed, but only a small fraction of what we now have.  And finally…Reform our medical malpractice system so that patients get compensated for real damage due to negligence, but doctors aren’t held hostage by greedy lawyers filing frivolous lawsuits that cost everyone.  WE CAN DO THIS FOLKS!!  JUST GET THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF OUR WAY!!

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