Tuesday, October 29, 2013

57. American Dreams

Did you know that there almost wasn’t a first Thanksgiving?  The Pilgrims that we celebrate in our schools every year, actually nearly starved to death—because of socialism.  I wasn’t taught that in grade school—I’ll bet you weren’t either.  Apparently, the Pilgrims set up a collective farming system in 1620 after arriving in the New World.  No one owned their own land, all worked common ground, and no one was allowed to own their own crops.  As a result, individuals were not motivated to work harder than anyone else when they would receive no more for their efforts than anyone else; and so all worked according to the laziest of them, and they nearly died of starvation as a result. 


In 1623, the Pilgrims decided to try allotting parcels of land to individuals to farm.  Whatever they grew themselves, they got to keep.  Not surprisingly, the people were more motivated, all family members participated in the farming, and the harvest was bountiful.  The threat of starvation was alleviated by the institution of what our children are now taught is greedy and self-serving---private property rights.  It’s unbelievable to me that the Progressive Movement (that is, Obama and the Democrats) still, 400 years later, try to convince us that socialism can actually work.


America has been the land of opportunity for the oppressed throughout the world.  People don’t risk their lives to come here because of the welfare system, or nationalized healthcare—they come because here, in America, they have the chance to own their acheivements, to control their destinies, to make goals for themselves and their children.  The Progressive Movement represents the oppression that these immigrants fled.  They see what is happening in our country and they know exactly what it means and who is behind it.  They’ve watched as their own countries fell under the spell of the Utopian Ideal; only to find that, very quickly, that ideal was only beneficial to the elite ruling class—the Barack Obama’s, Nancy Pelosi’s and Harry Reid’s.  They saw their relatives die prematurely because of socialized medicine, they watched as the government took over industries and private lands.  They endured crippling taxes and food shortages.  And then they risked all they had to escape it, because there was actually a country to escape to.  Where will WE go when America becomes a socialist country?  Today, please vote Barack Obama and the Progressive Democrats out of office!  Let’s keep our American Dream alive—for America…and the world.

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