Tuesday, October 29, 2013

60. What Republicans Need to Do for the Next Four Years

Now that the 2012 election is over, there are a few things I’d like to see the Republicans do over the next four years.


First, stop compromising with socialism!  “Reaching across the aisle sounds magnanimous”, but all it does is allow the progressives to move closer and closer to a socialized America.  You are in office to protect our Constitution—so do it.


Next, start defending capitalism instead of apologizing for it.  You have allowed the Democrats to stigmatize those of us who have achieved the American Dream thru hard work for far too long. 


Next, GET LOUD!  The progressives control the media, the White House, the Senate, and perhaps soon, the Supreme Court.  The voice of taxpaying Americans will never be heard without your participation.  We carried the message for you to get elected, now it’s your turn.  Republicans reaped the benefits of the Grassroots movements, now stand up and join with us in the ongoing battle for freedom.


Next, EXPOSE the Democrats and the mainstream media for what they are and for what they really want:  they want to destroy the very essence of what America stands for—Freedom, personal responsibility and property rights.  Use the social media.  Hire a bunch of third graders if you don’t know how to do it, but get it done.


Next, DEFINE YOURSELVES for a change!  Republicans have been on the defensive for every election.  You’ve been so preoccupied with attacking the Tea Party and each other that you’ve lost sight of the real issues:  our Constitution and national security.


One more thing:  stop talking to each other and the pundits and try talking to the PEOPLE for a change!


Lastly, try putting your country ahead of yourselves.  We did not send you to Washington or the state capital so you could become wealthy and powerful, or have a lifetime career in politics.  You say you love America—it’s time to prove it.

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